Passionate and thought provoking!


Charlotte Cornwell’s conversation with Friends last Friday was wide in its scope, honest, irreverent  forthright and highly entertaining. She was critical of the current parlous state of the foremost London dramatic arts colleges. Her deep concern for young people, and the difficulty they face gaining access to higher education in the performing arts, was evident and has inspired her to set up a Young People’s Project that will target the raw talent of some of our most disadvantaged youth. She was confident that the £350,000 needed for the project would be found.

Charlotte described Shakespeare’s verse as ‘a language of imagery’, and as a ‘muscular language’ that needs to be spoken with passion and conviction. She shared with us her insights into the role of Gertrude in Hamlet  and the Countess in ‘Alls Well that Ends Well’  making a convincing case for understanding these two women as mothers first, each attempting to do their best for their much loved offspring.

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