Evie looking forward to seeing Wendy and Peter Pan

When I got into the theatre to watch Peter Pan I felt a bit frightened and I wondered what would happen. When I first saw the stage I noticed that there were 4 beds, I wondered why because I was expecting 3! I liked the bedroom scene it seemed very real.
The actors were very good I especially liked Peter Pan and Wendy and the Shadows. When the Lost Boys came in they were daft and funny. Whenever Wendy tells a lie she does a pig snort so everybody knows when she is lying, that was very funny.

The underground house was great. The floor came up and inside it was like a real house and Tink had a proper bed and there were lights and a place to cook.
I really liked the flying it was exciting! The pirates were a but scary and the music when the ship came onto stage was quite evil, I wondered how the pirates had hooks and stumps for arms and legs. The crocodile was very good even though it was not like a crocodile costume I could hear the clock ticking and it was scary and very real.

I would definitely recommend children go and see this excellent show!

Wendy and Peter Pan reviewed by Evie aged 7.

Evie looking forward to seeing Wendy and Peter Pan